Leslie Sansone: One Mile Happy Walk

Like the time is racing, and you hardly have time to do anything, making time out for your workout is a severe challenge.

Walk has millions of benefits. It keeps your muscles active and keeps you alert. Not just that, it helps in making you lose weight. It helps you cut down on developing heart problems and also diabetes.

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But in your 24/7 occupied routine, how to make time to look after yourself?

Well, Leslie Sansone has all the answers for you.

You must know her, right?

If you don’t, it is awful. Sighs. Well, she is one of the most popular and loved fitness trainers.

She comes out with easy to follow and simplified workouts.

One of her most popular ones is the one-mile happy walk. Not just popular, it is my personal favorite too.

She makes walking so much simple and extreme fun.

Her happy trail incorporates compound movements which mean you are making use of your legs but at the same times, your hands and arms are not static.

This is probably what I love the most about this. In regular walk, your thighs and legs get toned only. But in this, it is more like an active cardio session. So your big muscles are moving incorporation with the smaller ones.

You hands, arms, shoulders and abs, all of them are moving. By following this simple 15 to 18 minutes workout, you can get your body trimmed and shredded in no time.

She makes working out so much easier and simplified. Give a try. You will enjoy it for sure.